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Bridging Finance Quebec Claimants Portal

Our firm acts regularly in large, complex and high-stakes litigation or arbitration, in matters of vital importance to our clients. We are there to counsel and to  represent our clients, and to defend their interests, whether before the courts of justice or arbitration tribunals, or by way of negotiation or mediation. 

Woods LLP (“Woods”) is pleased to have been appointed by the Honourable Geoffrey B. Morawetz, Chief Justice of the Superior Court of Justice of Ontario, as independent representative counsel (“Quebec Representative Counsel”) for a sub-set of certain unitholders of funds managed by Bridging Finance Inc. within Quebec (“Unitholders”). Specifically, Woods has been appointed to act as Representative Counsel for Unitholders located within Quebec with regards to: 

  1. potential misrepresentation claims arising from misrepresentation (“Quebec Misrepresentation Claimant”) and/or; 
  2. potential redemption claims arising from unfulfilled redemption requests (“Quebec Redemption Claimant”) (collectively “Quebec Claimants”). 

You can read the entirety of C.J. Morawetz’s Representative Counsel Appointment Order here.  

For clarity, if you are an eligible Quebec Claimant, you do not need to do anything further in order for Woods to act as Representative Counsel for your eligible claims. 

This webpage serves as the information center, where Woods in its capacity as Representative Counsel for the Quebec Claimants will be posting public notices, reports, and other information available regarding its activities.  

You may also register with us as a Quebec Claimant in order to gain access to the client portal, where you will have convenient and immediate access to confidential notices, reports, and other key information (the “Portal”). If you wish to gain access to the Portal, please register through the Registration Form, and follow the instructions below. 

If you choose not to register for access to the Portal, we will not be sending you copies of the confidential notices, reports, and other key information posted in the Portal, through mail or otherwise. Unfortunately, due to the large number of Quebec Claimants making claims, this information will be available only through the Portal. 

Please note that anything posted publicly on this webpage is for informational purposes only, and you should consult your legal counsel or financial adviser if you have any questions or need clarification as to your rights.